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Training Partner Online – Missing Tag: Term

So you have added a new Learning Plan or Enrollment Status and you are getting a missing Language Tag message like the following: Removed course names for client confidentiality. The [Tag: Term: ….] is showing that the Learning Plan status of┬áRecommended/Requested or Not Supported is missing for the Language Tags. This is an easy fix. […]

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e-Learning Course Video Does Not Display on IIS

Scenario: You have an e-learning course that you are testing by double-clicking the launch page (usually index.htm, default.htm, if you are unsure ask your course developer). The course launches fine and all the video displays properly. You load the course on your IIS web server, the course launches fine but no video is displayed. Solution: […]

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Flaky Wireless Solved

I have been struggling for a solid wireless signal for years. When I moved into my house, I could never get a good signal or rather it would drop and I would have to reset the router to reestablish it. I had assumed it was due to the i-beam running down the centre of the […]

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SSIS Data Task Failure Not Executing Error Control Item

Another simple solution that took me about 1 hour to figure out. I have a simple SSIS package that imports a flat file to a database table, performs a stored procedure on the imported data and moves the processed file into an archive folder. If the import failed, I wanted the file to be moved […]

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Regsvr32.exe error 0x8002801c Windows 7

This is one of those I should have known better errors but since I could not find a direct reference to the error code on Google, I thought I would write it up for others. I was trying to register the Crystal Reports 10 ocx component: regsvr32  .exe c:\windows\system32\crystl32.ocx When I got the error: The […]

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Training Partner Online – SCORM page not rendered Error

SCORM relies on Training Partner Online to provide a IFRAME with the LMS SCORM data to communicate properly. Both the IFRAME and the SCORM LMS data must be loaded before the course tries to access the SCORM API. In other words, if TP has not provided the form and data for the course to send […]

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