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An Original Poem By Natalie Fage

I realize this is very off topic but I am so proud of Natalie, I had to share this poem with as many people as possible. ThankĀ  you for taking the time to read it. Rain The shimmering glow Reminds me of true fantasy The dappling drops Is one step away from a dream The […]

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Work Hard

Dad and I are meeting to discuss the new business. It is a mixture of business talk, reminiscing both personal and professional plus how we approach life and business. It turns out the apple has not fallen far from the tree. We both are on our current career paths because it happen to be in […]

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Why am I Doing This?

That is the question. The obvious answer is the recession and I cannot rely on my existing contacts and clients to carry me. They might. I have a lot of good contact and I believe I do good work if not great work. No, I am doing this because I have not made enough mistakes. […]

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