Proven IT skills + CMA insight = OSG expertise

The skills to address IT challenges thoroughly, and the insight to identify what may have been overlooked previously in a project or workflow. That is the kind of expertise and extra care you can count on every time when you choose OSG Consulting Inc.

Skilled IT professionals

From web development to database implementation, from system integration to document development, our consultants offer outstanding technical know-how to overcome a range of information-management issues. When you choose OSG Consulting, you gain by having that lifetime of creativity and resourcefulness working for you.

Certified Management Accounting expertise

Not all business problems are created equal. Many require more than technical input or system maintenance. OSG Consulting is led by a Certified Management Accountant—meaning that we can look beyond a particular challenge at hand and can recommend comprehensive solutions that get at the root of a business problem. Just as important, the advice we provide is solid, based on years of field-tested experience in the IT and learning management fields.

Service excellence every time

We pride ourselves on providing you with service excellence on every project. No matter the scope, we strive to go the extra mile to provide you with meaningful insight and great results…every time. Don’t just take our word for it.

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