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Language Tags from Dev to Production

It is always recommended that you implement any changes on a development environment before making them live on production. This means you will need to copy those changes to your production version of Training Partner Online. This is a relatively straight-forward task. First, make sure you have updated all your language tags and tested them on […]

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Training Partner Online – Restore/Update Single TP Online Page

Occasionally, you will need to restore or update a single Training Partner Online page rather than replacing the complete site. The Training Partner Online Designer givers a a very easy way to do this. It is assumed in the following steps, you already have the tpi file associated with the page. In this example, I […]

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Training Partner Online – Missing Tag: Term

So you have added a new Learning Plan or Enrollment Status and you are getting a missing Language Tag message like the following: Removed course names for client confidentiality. The [Tag: Term: ….] is showing that the Learning Plan status of Recommended/Requested or Not Supported is missing for the Language Tags. This is an easy fix. […]

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TP Online Access Getting Set to Never

A client and I recently imported a bunch of Learners and their enrollments into various classes. In preparation for the Learners accessing Training Partner Online, we assigned them online access and gave them temporary passwords. Shortly after going live with Training Partner Online, random Learners were calling in unable to access their accounts online. We […]

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Training Partner Online–Modifying Portal Settings

In Training Partner Online, the Portal Settings keep both the embedded style sheets and global settings used in the online pages. Below is how you update them: Open the Training Partner Online Designer Click on the portal icon. Circled in red below. This will give you access to the Portal Settings From this screen you […]

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Training Partner Graphic Report–Conditional Field

A common requirement in a report is to have a conditional field. What is a conditional field? Display one value if a condition is true, else display another. An example would be Payment Method in an invoice. If the Payment Method is a credit card, then display the credit card type, otherwise display the payment […]

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Training Partner–Database Primary Key Format

If you have spent any time in the Training Partner database, you probably seen something like the following in the STUDENT_NO, ORG_NO and COURSE_NO fields: STUD2010112613253401751458 ORGA2010112613292507201627 COUR2010112613241906691320 These are the primary keys (or unique ids) for a student, organization and course respectively. All primary keys within the Training Partner database have the same format. […]

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Training Partner – Apply Credit Memos as Payments

Once you create a credit memo against an invoice, some users are confused that the amount due on the invoice has not changed. Training Partner accounting allows you to use the credit memo as a payment. It is highly recommended that you ensure that both the original invoice and the credit memo are posted before […]

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Training Partner – Rollback to previous version

The following is not recommended in a production environment.  Please test thoroughly if using in a production  as there are some macro differences between TP versions. Training Partner stamps your database with the TP Admin client version to ensure the database and the version of the client are in sync. This is important since there […]

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Training Partner–PayFlow Pro .NET

Training Partner Build 1012 now supports PayFlow Pro .NET. Which is a great thing since the older COM version has been depreciated for quite some time now. How do you know if your Training Partner build supports PayFlow Pro .Net? Open the Tools/Options menu and go to the Act. Options tab. If you see Payflow […]

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