The services provided by Rod Fage and OSG Consulting Inc. were simply outstanding. The combination of unparalleled expertise and exemplary customer service made it an absolute pleasure to work with them. They were able to meet all of our needs within a timely manner and provided us with cost effective solutions to the challenges that we faced. They were both extremely capable solution providers and valued business partners and I would not hesitate to recommend OSG to any potential customer.

Andy Jordan
Global Knowledge

Performance Learning Systems has work with Rod Fage since 2002. Without him we would have been lost when we implemented our LMS. His dedication, knowledge and expertise continues to amaze us. We consider ourselves fortunate to have the pleasure of working with him. He seems to know exactly what to do to fit our needs. We have a have a wonderful working history and look forward to working with him well into the future.

Leah Tucker
Performance Learning Systems, Inc.

OSG Consulting helped launch our training company into the Internet era with a complete web-based Learning Management System.
Working with OSG Consulting was easy and stress-free.
OSG Consulting’s staff communicated with us clearly and at a level we could understand. They had an immediate grasp as to what we needed for this project and delivered it to a tee.
We were very impressed with the expertise and knowledge of the staff at OSG Consulting.

Chris Cook
Security Awareness, Inc.

After working with OSG consulting for 3 years, I wanted to write and let you know that we could not have delivered Training Partner to Microsoft without your services. From pre-release through version 2.0, OSG consulting provided top-notch service including evaluation of learning system options to meet the needs of the business. Your team’s ability to understand the Microsoft culture and business needs in conjunction with available learning opportunities provided the bases for delivering world-class learning on a world-class system. Beyond the planning stage as the product matured, you found solutions to dead ends and roadblocks that would have left our business lacking. Your attention to detail and delivery solid code, on time and under budget remains unsurpassed in the history of my work with vendors and solution providers at Microsoft over the last eighteen years. I cannot say enough good things about your business, your work ethic, and what a pleasure it is to work with you and to know you. Thank you for what you do and I look forward to working with you again.

Lynn A Edmark

With over 18 years in high tech industry, I have worked with many consultants and none has impressed me more than Rod Fage. He is very professional with superb customer services and outstanding technical skills. I worked with Rod on a critical project in my company and he immediately became a critical member on the project. I am confident that we would not be able to deliver the project on time and on budget if Rod was not our developer. He overcame many technical obstacles through his ingenuity and dedication to the success of the project. He will always think of the optimal implementation of any feature with a focus on both business process and technical design. I have total trust and confidence in Rod. I highly recommend Rod and his company.

Linh Le
major software company

Quick turnaround.
Takes time to fully understand client's need.
Let's client know when there is a choice in direction rather than assuming which direction to take.
Always makes time to help out when we have an urgent need.
Very detailed and able to foresee how feature changes would affect other existing features.

Tom Scales
Security Awareness, Inc.

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