Training Partner Online – Missing Tag: Term

So you have added a new Learning Plan or Enrollment Status and you are getting a missing Language Tag message like the following:

Missing Tag: Term
Removed course names for client confidentiality.

The [Tag: Term: ….] is showing that the Learning Plan status of Recommended/Requested or Not Supported is missing for the Language Tags.

This is an easy fix. To add new status or other missing list items such as locations on classes:

  1. Open the Online Designer
    TP Online Designer
  2. Click on the Language Tag icon Language Tag Icon to open the Language Tags
  3. Use the Page dropdown to select [All Tags]. Hint: You can just type the letter A to jump to it.
    TP Online Language Tags [All Tags]
  4. Right-click in the Tag column and select Add Custom Tags
    Add Custom Tags
  5. Your new statuses will be added to the Term: Tags
    New Term
  6. Stop and Start the TP Online services if appropriate since the Language Tags are often cached by TP Online.
  7. Refresh the page
    New Term Tag

The above applies to any [Tag: Term: ….] that appears only TP Online pages.

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