TP Online Access Getting Set to Never

A client and I recently imported a bunch of Learners and their enrollments into various classes. In preparation for the Learners accessing Training Partner Online, we assigned them online access and gave them temporary passwords.

Shortly after going live with Training Partner Online, random Learners were calling in unable to access their accounts online. We checked their Online Access and everything was in order. See a sample below:

Training Partner Learner Online Properties

Training Partner Learner Online Properties

We tested the Learner but we still got no access. When we opened the Learner Online Properties, to our surprise it was set to Never. We reset it back to Always clicked OK on the Learner Properties and opened the Learner Online Properties again. Still set to Never.

Training Partner Learner Online Properties

Training Partner Learner Online Properties

Upon investigation of comparing two separate Learner accounts, I discovered the ISACTIVE was set to 0 during the import. I wrote an SQL script to update all 195 Learners but you can access it from the Learner Properties.

Once the affected Learner is open, go to the Employment tab. Check off the Active checkbox and then update the Learner Online Properties as appropriate.

For those who are importing Learners with online access below are the required fields. I am assuming you are going to give Always access but you can modify them as appropriate.


Good luck! Maybe I will do a detailed import entry in the future.


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