Training Partner Online – Save Online Pages

The Training Partner Online web pages are actually stored in the Training Partner database. The Online Designer allows you to add, update and delete those pages.

It also allows you to save a copy to a folder and upload it into another copy of Training Partner Online. Very handy for us developers.

To save a copy of your Training Partner Online web pages:

  1. Open the Online Designer
  2. Click on the disk save icon which is the second icon from the left.


  3. Save the file on your hard drive. Usually, the Save As dialog box will open in the C:\Training Partner – Server\Macros folder.


    In the above example, the file name will be TP-Pages.tpi in the C:\Training Partner – Server\Macros folder

  4. You will see the progress of the save. It can take up to 5 minutes to save a site depending on the size.


    The resulting file can be as much as 6 megs.

  5. Look for TP-Pages.tpi in the C:\Training Partner – Server\Macros folder

    Since the file is text, it will compress very well if you need to email it.

  6. DONE!
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