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There are a few tricks to get a SCORM course properly loaded and configured to ensure the student’s enrolment is completed when the course is completed.

Actually, they are not really tricks but strict adherence to the SCORM standards. Some LMS implementations let your cheat when producing a SCORM course so it is critical that you test the SCORM course on your LMS platform because passing the SCORM Test Suite or running on another LMS does not guarantee it will work on Training Partner Online or another LMS.

Loading the SCORM Course

  1. Copy the course into your elearning folder.
    This folder must on a server with the same domain name as Training Partner Online, this is usually the same server that Training Partner Online is installed on.


  2. I recommend that you next test to see if you can reach the course through a web browser without going through the LMS. Make sure you use the TP Online domain name.
    In the example above, I would type: http://localhost/elearn/scormlesson/index.htm into Internet Explorer or Firefox. Save this URL in NotePad, you will need it later.scormtestlaunch

    Don’t worry if you get an error message that the LMS API is not available, you are not launching through the LMS. You are looking for 404, page not found errors.

  3. If the course launches with no page not found errors, proceed to load the course into Training Partner. Otherwise, contact your system admin to help you configure your web server properly to launch the course.
  4. Launch the Training Partner Admin client and log in as an Administrator.
  5. Go to the File/Import menu and select SCORM 1.2/2004 Content Package from the radio buttons.FileImportSCORM
  6. Click the Data Source tab
  7. Click the Select File button and browse to where your SCORM course is located. You are looking for the imsmanifest.xml file to load into Training Partner.FileImportSCORMFile

    Please note that your web server where your elearning course are stored may be on a different server than the TP admin client. Contact your system admin for the proper path to the elearning folder. In this example, they are on the same server.

  8. Click the Open button and you will be prompted to Enter Base URL for the course. Remember above where you tested the course before and saved the URL? Copy and paste it into the Base URL textbox and remove everything after the last slash.SCORMBaseURL
  9. Click OK. You should see a success message for the import.SCORMImportSuccess

    Note that the import course name must be unique within the TP course catalog or you will get an error message that there is a duplicate course.

  10. Close the Import – SCORM 1.2 dialog and open the SCORM Imported Courses course folder. You should see your imported course.SCORMImportedCourses

    Note that if you already have the SCORM Imported Courses folder open, you will need to click into another course folder and back to refresh the contents.

  11. You have successfully imported a SCORM course. Now to configure it.

Configure the SCORM Course

  1. Open the course properties in SCORM Imported Courses folder. In this example, it is called Saltwater Crocodiles.
  2. Click on the Units tabCourseUnitTab

    Note, depending on the course, you may see more than one unit. This example is dealing with only a single unit.

  3. Double click the unit to see the Unit Properties.SCORMUnitProperties
  4. Confirm the Max Score and Weight. The max score is not a percentage but that actual score the student will get when completing the unit.
  5. For Training Partner to set an enrolment to Completed when a SCORM course is completed, a score must be passed back to the LMS.

    It is critical that the Pass Score be filled in.
    If you just want the student to pass the course when they have reach the last page, have the course developer send a score of 1 at the last page. Below is an example if the configuration:


  6. Click OK to go back to the Course Properties.
  7. Unlike the Unit, the Pass Score is a percentage.It is critical that the Pass Score be filled in plus the Max Credits.

    In this example, since a 1 is being sent on the last page of the course, the Pass Score would be 100% and the Max Credits is 1.


  8. Click OK button.
  9. Your course is ready to test!
  10. In the example used here, when the last page of the course is reached, the student will get a score of 1 out of 1 and the enrolment will show completed.SCORMCompleted
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