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Language tags can be a blessing and a curse. If you are using a single language, it sometimes be labour intensive to update them and you probably don’t see the point of them but for multi-lingual sites, they are a must have.

How do you know you have a problem?

You will see something like the following when you bring up a TP Online page:


To breakdown the “error” message above:

  • Tag = language tag
  • Public_Course_Options_End: CBT Anonymous = missing tag
  • Not Found = error message

The one issue that I have with the above message is that it does not tell you which language the tag is missing from. The above error is actual from the French language. You have to know which language you or the user is in.

To update a language tag, open the Online Designer

  1. Click the Language Tags button on the toolbar. Circled in red below:
  2. You will see the Language Tags dialog box. Select the Page dropdown and select [All Tags]

  3. Copy and paste the missing tag into the Tag: field and press Enter.
    In the example above, it would be:
           Public_Course_Options_End: CBT Anonymous
    Note that any trailing spacing should be removed.
  4. If the tag exists, it will bring you to the entry otherwise, it will create a new entry.
    Public_Course_Options_End_CBT Anonymous
  5. Click in the English Translation column that lines up with the missing tag and enter the text.

    Public_Course_Options_End_CBT Anonymous-E

  6. To enter in another language, just change the Language dropdown to language to French for example.
  7. You will see the English text and you may entry the French in the French Translation column.

    Public_Course_Options_End_CBT Anonymous-F

  8. Remember to stop and start the TP Online Service
  9. The Language Tag is now live


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