Training Partner – Version Numbers

Those experienced in Training Partner know that the TP Admin Client and the TP database must be in sync.

If the TP Admin Client has a version number higher than the database then the user login in to the client will be prompted to update the database.

Training Partner Upgrade Dialog

Make sure all installations of the TP Admin client and Training Partner Online are upgraded at the same time or you may face the situation below.

If the TP Admin Client version is lower than the database version, the user will get an error message like the one below prompting the user to upgrade their version of the Admin Client.


Below, I outline how to find the version numbers for both the Admin and database.

Training Partner Admin Version

To find the Training Partner Admin version number, look in the Help menu and click the About Training Partner… option.


If someone is asking for your TP version, they want both the Version and Build below.


In the above example, the version number is 2008.1.1.912.

TP Database Version

The database version number is stored in the ITEMS table.

Run the SQL script below:


The version number is stored in the NAME field.

In the example below, the database version is 2008.1.1.912.


On a side note, the UID of the the version number in the database is stored in the ITEM_NO column and is ITEM1999112517382603929944. I have not seen it change in the last 7 years but I use the ITEMTYPE and ITEMKEY fields in the query above, just in case it does.

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