Training Partner – Invoice Print

A Training Partner invoice has a Print button. The question is, what report is associated with that button?


The documentation is not clear. Look for the report name “Invoices (Individual)” in your report folders.

To find the report:

  1. Open your Reports inventory windows
  2. Click in the field beside the word Search:
  3. Type “Invoices (Individual)” without the quotesInvoices (Individual)
  4. Press the Enter key to jump to the report.
  5. If there is more than one “Invoices (Individual)”, you want the one that only has ““Invoices (Individual)” as its name.

If the report does not exist, you can add the report:

  1. Open your Reports inventory windows
  2. Find a report, you wish to base the new report on and click it.
    It is important that you left click on the base report first before right clicking.
  3. Then right click the existing report, select New/New Report/New Quick Report (assuming you wish to format your invoice) Adding Invoices (Individual)
  4. You will be presented with a blank report to customize with the existing report’s data already populated expect for the General tab
  5. Type “Invoices (Individual)” without the quotes in the Name field.BlankReportProperties

Alternatively, you can rename the original “Invoices (Individual)” and create a new report as above.

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