Flaky Wireless Solved

I have been struggling for a solid wireless signal for years. When I moved into my house, I could never get a good signal or rather it would drop and I would have to reset the router to reestablish it.

I had assumed it was due to the i-beam running down the centre of the house. I tried everything. Boosters, firmware upgrades, a different wireless router, Wi-Fi extenders, moving it above the i-beam but nothing worked.

Then one of my portable ghz phones died and the signal was there. I found the problem (Not!). The signal was great for about 3 months and then it started all over again. Solid for a while then just dropping out.

But that did give me the idea to monitor the wireless status when it was working. It turns out, I have a very “noisy” neighborhood. Some channels work better than others. I believe the portable phone failing was just a coincidence and that the router just happen to pick the right channel for me.

I have reconfigured the router to use a signal channel and the signal has been solid ever since. I also removed BG-Mixed support since I did not need it.


I hope this helps someone! Years of frustration gone!

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