Training Partner Online – SCORM page not rendered Error

SCORM relies on Training Partner Online to provide a IFRAME with the LMS SCORM data to communicate properly. Both the IFRAME and the SCORM LMS data must be loaded before the course tries to access the SCORM API.

In other words, if TP has not provided the form and data for the course to send the data to TP Online then the course cannot be launched.

In older version of the TP Online implementation of the SCORM API, the loading order of LMS data then the course was not strictly enforced. Since some clients have updated their TP Online pages to the latest version, Geometrix has put in a check to see if the LMS data has been loaded before the course tries to access it.

An alert box with the following error message will be displayed:

SCORM page has not rendered. Please relaunch the unit.

If Geometrix did not warn the user there was an issue, then the course might launch without recording any results to Training Partner.

If you run SCORM courses and have an older version of TP Online implemented, I strongly recommend that you upgrade your TP Online pages. Most upgrades will not effect the functionality of your other pages.

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