Why aren’t you reading… 279 Days to Overnight Success

In my blog travel I found the following manifesto 279 Days to Overnight Success by Chris Guillbeau.

I read it for two reason:

  1. The subtitle is AN UNCONVENTIONAL JOURNEY TO FULL!TIME WRITING and as I have stated on this blog getting experience writing is one of the reasons I am doing this.
  2. How did Chris become a pro blogger

While Chris is not living the high life on his earnings (48.5K in 2009), he is making a good living off his blog. I was intrigued on how he could do that.

What I learned was that blogging is a lot of work especially if you wish to make money at it and there is no such thing as an overnight success but you already knew that. What I found fascinating were the marketing tips about blogging. Again, nothing earth shattering but it is good to be reminded of some fundamentals particularly as the apply to a new medium like blogging.

How does this relate to re-inventing the business? Well, I think blogging will be an important part of our business strategy and executing it well will be critical.  Chris’ manifesto just gave me some more ideas on how to execute.

BTW, I think it is also worth reading as a small business person. Much of what he says is applicable to any business.

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