Why Aren’t You Reading…. Outliers: The Story of Success

Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell is about how extraordinary success happens. An “outlier” is a statistical anomaly, in other words, outside the normal; professional  athletes like Gretzky, geniuses like Einstein, billionaires like Bill Gates.  Gladwell examines how they became extraordinary.

The book is fascinating. The range of topics covered is amazing from tracing the confluence of events that allowed Bill Gates to build Microsoft, whether a genius level intelligence guarantees success in life to Gladwell ‘s personal family history.  Some answers seem obvious once you hear them while others are surprising.

But what to take away from Outliers?

For me, Outliers was about taking opportunities presented to you. Some of the Outliers had the advantage of being born in the right month or year but without a tremendous amount of work (10,000 hours in some cases).  Most just did what they loved, all worked incredibly hard.

So what did I take away, do what you love. Fate might be against you but you just might be another outlier.

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