Why Aren’t You Reading…. Blogs

A friend of mine recently found my blog by accident and sent me a few relevant links. At one point I asked him what he thought of my blog.  His answer:

I don’t ever read blogs, even my wife’s — I don’t have time for my own thoughts let alone others — so I can’t arguably comment on the quality of your blog; besides, it’s like your wife asking you if you like a particular dress, “Of course I do honey – you look great!”……

OK, I agree with the second part. Blogs can be a very personal thing and I can see his point. But not reading other blogs?  I believe he probably does but he is in all likely hood looking for a particular piece of knowledge. I have found a tremendous amount of useful information in blogs, from coding tips to inspirational messages. I will start to highlight some of my favourites right down to the particular entry. Hopefully, you will find something useful.

To really read blogs effectively, I highly recommend getting a RSS Newreader. It will allow you to view all your blog entries and news items in a single spot.

Where can you get a newsreader? This brings me to my first blog recommendation:


This is not a newsreader software site but a site that has “Tips and Downloads for getting things done”. They regularly publish list of software, related blogs, Do It Yourself (DIY) tips and more. Here are some of their articles on RSS:

Which one do I use?  Well, I like Google Reader as I can use it from any computer with an internet connection and it works from my iPhone, all the while remember which articles I have read and marked for later reading.

By investing a little bit of time in installing a RSS newsreader and researching some blogs, you will open up a world of information you did not know was there.

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