A small rant with a paraphrase from Seinfeld.

I went to the local auto repair shop at my regular gas station. I even made an appointment for 9:30am. I figured I would support the local business instead of the chains.

I even got there before the appointed time. I was told that my car was to be in next at 10am.  I was a little put off but still plenty of time. I explained that I needed the car back by 11am to pickup my daughter.

You can guess where this is going.  11am and my car still had not even been looked at.  When I went to pick it up, I asked why did they give me a 9:30am appointment if they did not intend to keep it.  They explained that they were waiting for a part on another car that was late in arriving.

I reminded them of the Seinfeld where he is waiting at the car rental desk and they did not have his car.  Jerry said “The point of the reservation is to keep the reservation!”

Their response: “Most people who make an appointment do not show up so we put work in ahead of you in case you did not.”

My interpretation of this is: “We do not trust our customers to keep their appointments so we will ignore appointment times just in case they do not show up.”

I wonder what came first, customers missing appointment times or the fact they do not honour them?

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