What’s in a Name

One critical component of setting up your business is to pick an appropriate name for it.

If you want a www.yourname.com then you will probably have to spend a few dollars to acquire it. Most common two word names have been acquired by domain name speculators. They park the name as an advertising site (think links to everything on earth) but will offer to sell it to you at an exaggerated rate. This also applies to almost any letter and number combination you can think of.

For example, a name that I recently looked up was being offered for $1,500. A dot com domain name should normally cost you about $15 per year. That is a 10,000% markup and I am sure I will still have to pay the yearly fee on top of that.

So why would I bother?

Google has become critical to finding your business online. They are responsible for about 2/3rds of all web searches. A domain name that accurately reflects your business can give you a boost in the search results.

However, there are many more dot names to choose from:

* ca
* biz
* info
* name
* net
* org
* us

I used dot net since the dot com was not available.

The cache of a dot com name has diminished considerably over the last few years. It is most than acceptable to consider any of the domains. For video sites, Tuvalu has the dot tv domain and the Federated States of Micronesia has dot fm for radio.

Another consideration will be the use of your domain name as the business name. Can you incorporate under that name? In Canada, you must perform a NUANS search for a proposed corporate name to ensure it is available and not too similar to an existing name.

The importance of search engines has made naming your business more important than ever.

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