Dreams vs Goals

I have always hated the word “goals”.  A goal seemed like work.  Goals involve lists and 5 year plans.

But a dream, a dream is fun. A dream has no limits. It is something that you look at the clouds and contemplate. That is not work.

You know how something when said at the right time just strikes you. Well, the book Raving Fans was just such a book. I have never been one for lists or 5 year plans but excellent customer service I can relate to. Most of my career has been around how to make a company’s operations work most effectively. e.i. Excellent customer service. Raving Fans takes a very simple idea, envision your perfect vision of the service if you were the customer, ask your the customer what their perfect service vision is then deliver what you promise to the customer plus 1 percent and keep adding that 1 percent every month. Obviously, I am simplifying the book a bit but that is it.

This struck me as something I could do. Dad reminded me that during the Power Within conference, we saw one speaker (forgive me but I forget his name) that said the key to success was to imagine (dream) the endpoint then work your way backwards to now.  If you did that, you would have all your steps to achieve your endpoint. OK, I thought it was hokey too when I first heard it. Combined with what I just read and a dream is starting to take shape.

There is still a lot of work to do but now I have a dream and this process just keeps getting more fun and more fun. Or as my 3 year old would say FUNNER!

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